Mid-November…60+ Degrees…

Did I say just one more time last week?

If we can get a great turnout with sunny and 45 degrees in November in Central Ohio, then I’m looking forward to this Saturday, where the temp is going to be much milder!

Please tell your friends, and we look forward to seeing you at Cup O’ Joe!

One more time…

As long as the sun is still shining, and we’ve got a few more 50 degree Saturday mornings (without an OSU home game at noon to foul things up!)…we’ll still be getting together.

Hope to see you soon!

Special Parking for OSU home games!

For the last few years, we’ve enjoyed the blessing of Lennox Town Center’s owners to congregate at our home turf for Cars and Coffee. While no one is supposed to park there for OSU football games, they invariably do!

To give us a little more space throughout the morning, please look for our group to be further west in the parking lot, away from Cup O’ Joe and closer to AMC Theaters. This will give us plenty of room to enjoy our group.

Look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Summer is winding down…Cars and Coffee is going strong!

While we wrap up our summer vacations, prepare for kids going back to school, and enjoy more temperate weather, Cars and Coffee is still going strong!

We’ve met some great people, avid car collectors, and true automotive enthusiasts! If you come out on a regular basis, be sure to tell your friends and car-buddies. The more, the merrier…and the greater variety of cars we have, the better time we all have!

Look forward to seeing you out soon!

Big car weekend in Columbus!

If you’ve got 10w30 pumping through your veins, then you know this is one awesome weekend! 15th Annual GoodGuys PPG Nationals? 30th Annual Arthritis Foundation Car Show?



Yours Truly is getting in on the action…I’m looking forward to another year of judging for the latter: meeting awesome folk and seeing some amazing cars!

Be sure to start your weekend with us at Cup O’Joe, then…I’ll be shocked if you don’t get involved in the festivities. See you this Saturday!

Facebook: It was inevitable!

You try to link up people using the internet and a simple website to share meeting information, comments, pictures, etc…and it works! BUT…there is still a behemoth out there…which has infiltrated every corner of society…and though you try to reinvent the wheel…


…you end up caving. Why fight it? Please check out our own piece of Facebookdom, and feel free to upload photos, share comments, and please get your car-loving friends to come and enjoy our gatherings!Photo

Photos/Vids…we wanna see ’em!

It seems like one of the other passionate hobbies common around car guys is a love for photography. While I’m not so gifted in this arena – I could make a Canon D90 shot look like a crayon drawing – others are, and the pictures THEY take are worth more than a thousand words!

In order to avoid being a bottle-neck in getting photos and videos people take onto this site, I’d like YOU to upload the content for me. This way, others can not only see your work, but get to experience weekly CC&C get-togethers in an artistic way as well.

Please contact me with your information, and possibly a few photos you’ve taken as well. I know a few of you “regulars” out there already, so it will just be a measure of getting you your own User ID to this site with the ability to upload content into a Pics/Vids section of your own. Be mindful of what you plan on putting on the site, as I’ll still be the final say on what goes on around these parts!

Hope to hear from you soon!

We’re Club-Friendly!

Columbus Cars and Coffee prides itself on being a club. We’re like one of those “Occupy” groups, but waaay more awesome and without the social/civil disorder…and the cool Guy Fawkes masks. Though I’m working on the masks…

However, if you’re part of a car club, please contact me anytime! Us regular attendees love talking to others that share in our own car obsessions. It’s always good to share the passion with others. No better example of a passionate group of people than in a car club!

We’re happy that this Saturday marks another group get-together for the Central Ohio Mopar Club! Check out www.colxclub.com for more info. If you’re a fan of Chargers, Challengers, and 300’s, make sure you stop by to meet some serious Mopar enthusiasts.

In addition, we’re happy to see so many Infinitis and Nissans representing the Ohio G Club. www.ohiogclub.com. A lot of respect goes out the the club president, Jeremy, who popped his boosted engine on the cruise from Easton one weekend. OUCH! No worries, as he’s building a new engine and shooting for 500whp. Attaboy, Jeremy! Check out their site, and be sure to say HI to their members at C&C…definitely a great group of enthusiasts!

See you all very soon!

Rain or Shine!

Here in lovely Central Ohio, the old adage goes “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes”. Well…we would love sunny days and 80 degrees all the time, but then we’d be in ¬†Florida!

Columbus Cars and Coffee is a RAIN OR SHINE event. We can appreciate if you don’t want to expose your prized ride to raindrops, or have concerns breaking traction on slick roadways. Please feel free to come by, as our friends are a loyal group…despite inclement weather! You’ll be welcomed in your daily driver as well!

See you soon!