Cars and…BUCKEYES???

Neither rain, nor snow, nor…Buckeye Football…deters us here at Columbus Cars and Coffee!

No matter what time the game kicks-off on Saturday, know that CC&C has plenty of space – and plenty of attendees! – for us to enjoy our group. Besides, the game won’t start until later; you’ve got PLENTY of time to meet up and hang out beforehand!

Look forward to seeing you this Saturday, because its Cars and Coffee time: that football nonsense can wait!

TEN-HUT!!! Big car weekend coming up!

If you’re into cars, maybe even a little…THIS IS A BIG WEEKEND!

#1) Make sure you check out Cars and Coffee this weekend. We’ll be having a couple of military vehicles making an appearance! One of them is not small, either…will be a great opportunity for kids and those young-at-heart as well to check out some great equipment!


#2) ARTHRITIS CAR SHOW – For the 31st year, this awesome show will be held in Dublin and is a “MUST-SEE” for the wide variety of vehicles and very friendly atmosphere!


#3) GOODGUYS! – If you’re a hot-rodder, you gotta check out the show this weekend. Honestly, you should check out both. Come to think of it, WHY ARE BOTH OF THESE ON THE SAME WEEKEND?!?


Admittedly, I’m a little biased as I’ve had the good fortune to be a Judge for the Arthritis Car Show over the last 3 years. However, GET OUT AND CHECK THESE SHOWS FOR YOURSELF!!! Bring a friend, a family member, or a neighbor with you and support some great causes!

Great weather, great car traffic…this is what we live for! 🙂

As always…we’re family-friendly!

Are you a busy car nut, and have kids to entertain on Saturday morning?

Is your spouse dying for a morning where they can sleep in, or get some “me time”?

Are you a grandparent (or really cool uncle/aunt) that wants to give the children in your family some exposure to car culture?


Do yourself and your prodigy a favor and bring them out to Columbus Cars and Coffee! Not only will they experience some beautiful summer mornings, but they will get to meet some other great kids…OH YEAH, did we mention there were CARS INVOLVED?!?

So…if you’re a gearhead parent or grandparent that wants to expose the young’uns to some great cars (but don’t want to commit 8 hours on the weekend to a car show), or you want to meet other gearhead parents, feel free to come down any Saturday!

Points awarded every weekend to the coolest bikes, wagons, or PowerWheels!

Columbus Cars and Coffee going strong!

Coming up on the first of June, I’ve been talking with a few friends about how great this group has become in such a short time.

Initially, this group started from a few friends who spread the news via word-of-mouth and a few free VistaPrint cards that had the Gmail account address. Then, we graduated to having a website, with technical and design expertise supplied by those who enjoy our gatherings. Over this past winter, we set up our own Facebook page, and visibility went through the roof. Those of us that have put in work to get to this point are humbled by the progress that a truly grassroots, non-commercial group event such as this has gone through.

In reality, Cars and Coffee is simply a shared concept; an idea that is held and made valuable by the people who support it and derive personal enjoyment from sharing their passion with others. There isn’t one person, one website, or one car manufacturer that defines it; and without the friendship, respect and comraderie we give to each other every Saturday, the group would dissolve.

Thank you to everyone who has attended at least one Columbus Cars and Coffee gathering this season! As always, be sure to spread the news about this group to your friends, family, and car buddies. If you haven’t made it out yet, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Fast and the Furious 6 Showing

Stay after the C&C event on the 25th and see Fast and the Furious 6 with a theater full of fellow gearheads. While this may not be American Graffiti or Bullet who doesn’t love a car movie of any sort. Time and ticket prices are tentative to changes depending on amount of interest. Discounted rate and private showing is in the works! RSVP on Facebook!

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 3.14.23 PM


If you’re reading this, you’re one of us…we want to see you show up at the next meet!

Starting on Saturday, March 23rd…Cars and Coffee is on every weekend into November!!!

This is a RAIN OR SHINE event. ALL CARS/BIKES/TRUCKS/HOT RODS ARE WELCOME! Modern performance or classics, import, domestic, intergalactic, etc…

Tell your friends, and spread the word on Facebook and other car forums…the more car nuts, the better! We look forward to seeing all of you this season!!!

Almost there…

You guys ROCK!!! What a passionate group! With the weather hit-or-miss for March, we’re NOT meeting tomorrow (March 16th) given the forecast of a cold rain and no sun. However, next week looks to be SUNNIER and UPPER 50s!!!

When April rolls around, WE WILL GO FULL BORE and officially start the 2013 Cars and Coffee season!

Your patience has almost paid off…we will see you very soon!

CC&C Winter Edition – February 16th, 2013

Snow and 20 degrees…

Sunny and 65…

It’s Ohio, so either guess has an equal chance of being correct for the next Cars and Coffee get-together!

Regardless of the weather, come out and meet up at Cup O’Joe. Share with others what you’ve been doing (or still need to do!) with your prized ride in the off-season…or drive it out!

Look forward to seeing you then!