As we all enjoy the warm, 85-degree weather, let’s keep an eye on the forecasts for Saturday morning but plan on our cruise from Easton. I know there’s been some confusion: if it’s sunny, clear skies at around 8-9am, you can bet there will be a cruise group on the northernmost parking lot at Easton Town Center.


Regardless of the weather, we will be meeting from 8am to 12pm at good ol’ Cup O’ Joe in Lennox Town Center. By your own way or with the cruise from Easton, we look forward to seeing you there!

Also, I suffered some audio/video issues with some of the interviews done recently. Rest assured, I’d welcome the opportunity to do features on cars at the hangout, and possibly redo a few from those gents who were rendered unintelligible from a bad mic and too much background noise. 🙂

See you on Saturday!