Coming up on the first of June, I’ve been talking with a few friends about how great this group has become in such a short time.

Initially, this group started from a few friends who spread the news via word-of-mouth and a few free VistaPrint cards that had the Gmail account address. Then, we graduated to having a website, with technical and design expertise supplied by those who enjoy our gatherings. Over this past winter, we set up our own Facebook page, and visibility went through the roof. Those of us that have put in work to get to this point are humbled by the progress that a truly grassroots, non-commercial group event such as this has gone through.

In reality, Cars and Coffee is simply a shared concept; an idea that is held and made valuable by the people who support it and derive personal enjoyment from sharing their passion with others. There isn’t one person, one website, or one car manufacturer that defines it; and without the friendship, respect and comraderie we give to each other every Saturday, the group would dissolve.

Thank you to everyone who has attended at least one Columbus Cars and Coffee gathering this season! As always, be sure to spread the news about this group to your friends, family, and car buddies. If you haven’t made it out yet, we look forward to seeing you soon!