…and like that, the weather changes for the better. 🙂

As long as the forecast remains at Sunny and 70 degrees for this Saturday (4/12), you can bet there will be a dozen or more people that are gathering at Easton Town Center for a cross-city CRUISE!

The plan is to meet at your convenience at the Northeast parking lot next to Nordstrom’s. This would be just off of Easton Loop E, just south of Morse Road. Bring your friends, chat for a bit, but wheels are rolling by 9am. Follow 270 N around the north side to Route 315 S, and take the Lennox Town Center exit by OSU to hop straight into Cup O’ Joe!

As with every meet, this is open to ALL makes, models, and years. We ask that you be respectful of the motoring laws and other drivers on the road. Have fun, bring your GoPro’s and cameras, and enjoy a great morning to drive. We will see you at Cup O’ Joe!

Future cruises may rotate “launching points” throughout Columbus, but the destination is always the same. 🙂 Have fun, be safe, and we’ll see you soon!