With the turnout being light during the winter months, and the fact that not a lot of people may know each other…we know that some of you come to Cup O’ Joe, scan the parking lot, and drive on by. “Just a few cars that look inconspicuous, no one probably showed up”, you think. Inside, we can see a car guy a mile away: loud exhaust rumbling by, a truck idling in the parking lot…

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One thing to keep in mind: the same folks that rock some impressive rides during the summer months have them put away in wintertime. However, those same great owners still show up in SUVs, trucks, and cars; their “winter beaters” that help them get through these dreary months! Outside the weather is indeed frightful (take your pick: cold, rainy, cloudy, snowy, icy…) but inside Cup O’ Joe, the fire is indeed delightful…and the conversation is lively!

Take a chance, and stop in. We’re usually the group sitting at the tables next to the order line, and we look forward to meeting and talking with you soon!