Columbus Cars and Coffee prides itself on being a club. We’re like one of those “Occupy” groups, but waaay more awesome and without the social/civil disorder…and the cool Guy Fawkes masks. Though I’m working on the masks…

However, if you’re part of a car club, please contact me anytime! Us regular attendees love talking to others that share in our own car obsessions. It’s always good to share the passion with others. No better example of a passionate group of people than in a car club!

We’re happy that this Saturday marks another group get-together for the Central Ohio Mopar Club! Check out for more info. If you’re a fan of Chargers, Challengers, and 300’s, make sure you stop by to meet some serious Mopar enthusiasts.

In addition, we’re happy to see so many Infinitis and Nissans representing the Ohio G Club. A lot of respect goes out the the club president, Jeremy, who popped his boosted engine on the cruise from Easton one weekend. OUCH! No worries, as he’s building a new engine and shooting for 500whp. Attaboy, Jeremy! Check out their site, and be sure to say HI to their members at C&C…definitely a great group of enthusiasts!

See you all very soon!