10.11.14 Show-N-Shine sponsored by Columbus Car Audio!



Thanks to Columbus Car Audio for sponsoring this one: It’s your time to shine…you got what it takes?!? 🙂 Here’s how it’s going down:

During our normal weekly Saturday meet at Cup O’Joe, we will have a row available for anyone who wants to participate in the Show-N-Shine. Show up, shine your ride, and pay $5 for a registration card. All proceeds go to charity. Doesn’t matter what you drive.

Then, folks can buy stickers for a $1. Put your sticker on the registration card for the car you think is best in show. Card with the most stickers wins.

What’s in it for the winner? How about a FREE REMOTE CAR STARTER Courtesy of our friends at Columbus Car Audio!!! ($150 value, special installation may be extra). Just in time for winter!

Hey, I would’ve been happy with a T-shirt or some swag for the winner, but CCA is generous. Show them some love, people. 🙂 Don’t screw it up, either…we just might be able to make this Show-N-Shine concept stick around monthly going forward!

Rain date? Whatevs…we’ll still have CC&C but push the S-N-S back a week. More to come!


Tell your friends!

6.21.14 Hang-out, Cruise…Video redo?

As we all enjoy the warm, 85-degree weather, let’s keep an eye on the forecasts for Saturday morning but plan on our cruise from Easton. I know there’s been some confusion: if it’s sunny, clear skies at around 8-9am, you can bet there will be a cruise group on the northernmost parking lot at Easton Town Center.


Regardless of the weather, we will be meeting from 8am to 12pm at good ol’ Cup O’ Joe in Lennox Town Center. By your own way or with the cruise from Easton, we look forward to seeing you there!

Also, I suffered some audio/video issues with some of the interviews done recently. Rest assured, I’d welcome the opportunity to do features on cars at the hangout, and possibly redo a few from those gents who were rendered unintelligible from a bad mic and too much background noise. 🙂

See you on Saturday!

5/24/14 – Memorial Weekend CC&C, cruise from Easton at 9am!

5/24/14 – With Memorial Day weekend upon us, we are now opening Columbus Cars and Coffee at 8am to take advantage of the earlier sun and warmer weather! Also, CRUISE FROM EASTON at 9am to CC&C (check the link for more details)! Looking forward to seeing all of you at Cup O’Joe for a great morning!

Also, if you like Mustangs, you’ll want to be at Cup O’ Joe at 8am to meet some of the nicest Mustangs in Columbus! Every Memorial Day, MCO (Mustang Club of Ohio) has used CC&C as their meeting point before heading off to the Grandview Memorial Day parade! We love seeing the spread of great Mustangs and welcome them every year. Please come by to meet some of the owners and admire the polish.

First Cruise of the Year!

…and like that, the weather changes for the better. 🙂

As long as the forecast remains at Sunny and 70 degrees for this Saturday (4/12), you can bet there will be a dozen or more people that are gathering at Easton Town Center for a cross-city CRUISE!

The plan is to meet at your convenience at the Northeast parking lot next to Nordstrom’s. This would be just off of Easton Loop E, just south of Morse Road. Bring your friends, chat for a bit, but wheels are rolling by 9am. Follow 270 N around the north side to Route 315 S, and take the Lennox Town Center exit by OSU to hop straight into Cup O’ Joe!

As with every meet, this is open to ALL makes, models, and years. We ask that you be respectful of the motoring laws and other drivers on the road. Have fun, bring your GoPro’s and cameras, and enjoy a great morning to drive. We will see you at Cup O’ Joe!

Future cruises may rotate “launching points” throughout Columbus, but the destination is always the same. 🙂 Have fun, be safe, and we’ll see you soon!


Spring 2014 Updates!

Hey guys and gals…a big THANK YOU for everyone that’s been coming out to CC&C over the last few weeks. As a few of us were joking, this epic winter knocked our minds’ eye for a loop: it SEEMS like it should be a lot warmer than it actually FEELS. It’s been a fun 5 years of Columbus Cars and Coffee action, and everyone is looking forward to a warm season to come!

A few updates:

VIDEOS – Man, I’ve been plagued with technical and meteorological difficulties since starting the first interview video in January. The last couple weeks have had too much wind and background noise to understand the conversation. Other times, I had a microphone that didn’t work, or a camera that was out of batteries. Excuses, excuses I know…we will iron out the kinks and look forward to getting to know more of you in the weeks to come!

WEBSITE – Thanks to Spencer Carli at HandleBar Labs (www.handlebarlabs.com), we’re going to have a new, streamlined website! It’ll be easier to navigate especially for pictures and videos, and we’re happy to feed off of our Facebook page and calendar for other car events. More to come on that!

CRUISE, START TIMES – I’ve gotten a lot of people asking when the cruise from Easton Town Center to Cup O’ Joe is starting up again. Also, with the weather getting sunny earlier (when it’s not cloudy!) we’ll be pushing back the start time for early birds. For the CRUISE, you can anticipate not just from Easton, but we’re looking to have some area car shops that will be the starting point for cruises to Cup O’ Joe on Saturday mornings as well, to mix it up! Look for more information as the weather gets consistently warmer in the mornings, when the forecasts call for 60s+ temperatures.

As always, this group is great because of all of you, your suggestions and ideas, and of course your attendance! If there’s anything that we can be doing better, just drop us a line (email, phone call) anytime. See you soon!

OMG…the never-ending winter!!!

I spent a few hours outside yesterday, playing with my welder and finishing up a couple of projects that have been shelved for far too long. Despite my sudden drive, my hatred for cold weather and lying on even colder asphalt/concrete was too strong and I ran inside…leaving more to do for a warmer day.

As a car guy, I don’t need a news feed to tell me that this winter is one for the record books.

CC&C – 2.8.14

The good news is that we’re still enjoying Columbus Cars and Coffee all through this cold season. More videos to come, and it’s always great to meet new faces. If you haven’t stopped by this winter, please feel free to do so regardless of what you’re driving. We’ll all look forward to warmer weather to come!

More than just cars…

This year, I’ll be coordinating weekly compilations of videos and pictures to make a weekly video montage of Columbus Cars and Coffee. If you come to this site or go to the Facebook page, there are plenty of beautiful pictures taken by some very talented people.

However, by adding video to the mix – interviewing CC&C attendees about themselves and their prized ride, background shots of the atmosphere at CC&C – we’re going to capture much more of what people are missing on a regular basis.

CC&C – 1.11.14

Be sure to tell your friends to come down any Saturday they’d like. We’ll be happy to have you and anyone else you invite. See you soon!

Is that you, Santa Claus???

With the turnout being light during the winter months, and the fact that not a lot of people may know each other…we know that some of you come to Cup O’ Joe, scan the parking lot, and drive on by. “Just a few cars that look inconspicuous, no one probably showed up”, you think. Inside, we can see a car guy a mile away: loud exhaust rumbling by, a truck idling in the parking lot…

photo (7)

One thing to keep in mind: the same folks that rock some impressive rides during the summer months have them put away in wintertime. However, those same great owners still show up in SUVs, trucks, and cars; their “winter beaters” that help them get through these dreary months! Outside the weather is indeed frightful (take your pick: cold, rainy, cloudy, snowy, icy…) but inside Cup O’ Joe, the fire is indeed delightful…and the conversation is lively!

Take a chance, and stop in. We’re usually the group sitting at the tables next to the order line, and we look forward to meeting and talking with you soon!

Winter Updates!

Folks, no one appreciates how crappy the weather is outside. Many of you have rightfully put your prized ride(s) in the garage, Sta-Bil in the tank and a Battery Tender plugged underhood.

photo (5)

BUT…Columbus Cars and Coffee is still going strong! Powered by the faithful and the friendly, we are out every Saturday. Please keep in touch with us via email, or through our Facebook page:


Have a happy and healthy holiday season, and hope to see you sometime soon!

Sometimes the nicest mornings…

People that have lived in Central Ohio through at least a handful of years – and winters! – know the old adage by heart: “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes”…

Given the natural propensity for Mother Nature to give us radical temperature swings from day-to-day, in addition to weather events that apparently elude the best computer models and experienced meteorologists, we have to expect the unexpected. It’s never ideal, especially for planning outdoor events. However, critiquing it is just as hopeless. (Yes, of COURSE the weather would be nicer if it was 25 degrees warmer and it wasn’t snowing!!!)

But despite my personal desire (shared by many others) for everyday to be sunny and 82 degrees, Ohio will give us a gift every once in a while. In the middle of snowing one day, raining the next, and sleeting in between, we’ll get a blast of sunshine and a relative warming of the air that makes you glad to be alive. This past Saturday morning, we received just such a gift.

image_1 (2)

From the time the sun rose, it felt warmer than the weatherman were predicting. Through mid-morning, the sun forced the ground to warm, and those of us at Cars and Coffee enjoyed a fleeting taste of the last 7 months’ worth of warmth…knowing all too well the winter around the corner.

Unfortunately, it was all too brief, as a layer of clouds blotted out the sun and the cool winds picked up again. Almost instinctively, people either went back inside Cup O’Joe, or pleasantly wrapped up conversations and departed.

image (2)

We had a great turnout on October 26th, 2013. By count, a better turnout than many weekends over the summer. It might have been the break in the cold weather we experienced the past week, and the anticipation of a better Saturday morning. It may just have been a total disregard for the weather altogether. Whatever the reason for having a great turnout, people enjoyed the cars, themselves, and appreciated the sun.

Here’s to hoping for many more Saturday mornings like this…