About CC&C

Columbus Cars & Coffee events are the destination for automotive enthusiasts for Columbus, Ohio and Central Ohio!

Come One, Come All

The concept of a “Cars & Coffee” event is not unique, as similar events started in car-crazy Los Angeles, CA, and have gone on for many years elsewhere in the United States. However, I fell in love with the idea after enjoying a similar “breakfast club” for car enthusiasts in the Naples/Ft. Myers, FL area, where I lived since 2005. After moving back to Columbus, OH, I focused on establishing Columbus Cars & Coffee in 2009.
The ingredients for this group are simple: Pick a time and location that works, and invite any automotive enthusiasts to grab a cup of coffee and relax with other motorheads. As busy professionals and family-focused individuals, Saturday morning works out well as you are just getting your weekend started. Why not do it the right way with other automotive enthusiasts over some great coffee and conversation?

What We Are

A casual group of automotive enthusiasts – who enjoy talking to other like-minded car nuts over a cup of coffee – here in Columbus. All are welcome, and diversity is encouraged.

What We Are NOT

A business, focused more on networking, promoting, and selling…than in the spirit of being a relaxed and social gathering. We greatly appreciate the support of dealers like Byers Auto Group as well as Lindsay Automotive that provides our attendees a great location, free coffee and refreshments, and police support to keep it safe and family-friendly.

Elitists, where we cater only to a specific group of car owners or perceived “upper echelon” of society and lifestyle. The more diverse our attendees are at a get-together… the better.

An Organization

We normally start gathering before 9:00 in the morning and by noon everyone is gone. There is no official time and no real agenda. Heck, we’re not even a real organization. Nor do we aspire to be one. We love the challenge of not being an organization. You can’t join Columbus Cars and Coffee. You also can’t quit. You can’t get kicked out because everyone is a member. But, no one is a member. You’re probably a member right now and didn’t even realize it. This is a non-group group.

If this seems like a good idea – and it should if you have gotten this far – then please feel free to attend one of our gatherings. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you and your prized ride soon!