All (or some) of your pressing questions about Columbus Cars & Coffee answered!

What’s the deal with…

So…all you do is stand around, drinking coffee, and talking about cars?

Yes. If you’re not a car nut, you won’t understand…and that’s fine. As a car nut, you will know of no better way to start your weekend off then standing in a parking lot on a sunny Saturday morning, a cup of joe in hand, watching a polished Shelby Cobra, BMW M3, or Corvette Z06 pull up with exhaust rumbling. God Bless America…

Why so early?

Many of our regular attendees are busy with their careers or families to spend several hours with a bunch of car nuts. By 10 am, some need to be home for sports events, golf tee times, “honey-do” lists at the home improvement store…you name it.

As car-crazy guys and girls ourselves, we recognize a lot of car gatherings happen at night. Unfortunately, a lot of those “events” bring with them trouble-makers and hassles that are unnecessary. You won’t find any problems with bored high-schoolers doing burnouts at Columbus Cars & Coffee!

I drive a(n) [INSERT VEHICLE YEAR, MAKE, AND MODEL HERE]. Is it OK for me to come by?

Absolutely. We only ask that you have pride in your ride, and respect others as well. As true automotive enthusiasts, we understand and appreciate that the choice of vehicle, and customization, is unique to the owner…and you cannot fake passion. While someone’s choice may not be the same as yours, you can learn a lot from someone else when you’re open to talking with them about their passion as well.

Is this a family-friendly event?

Yes. We welcome anyone who enjoys cars to come and attend. All we ask is that kids (and adults) be respectful of other peoples’ property.

What if it rains/snows? Will Cars & Coffee still be held on Saturday morning?

Columbus Cars & Coffee is a “rain-or-shine” event.  From 2009 through June of 2017, the venue revolved around Cup O’ Joe, a great local coffee shop at Lennox Town Center. Thankfully, we still have a great relationship with the management at Lennox, and look forward to a new indoor venue in the future.

As an outdoor event, attendance suffers from bad weather. However, we have a loyal following that makes it out regardless. While you may have a ride that hasn’t ever seen rain, we also have folks that treat a drive in the rain as an impromptu car wash. It takes all types.

I’m involved with a local car club/biker group/autocross event. Can I let people know about events and get-togethers we are having also?

Sure! Just send your contact information and what the event is about. We will add it to our Facebook page and this website. In return, we would appreciate you posting info regarding Columbus Cars & Coffee on your site or sharing what we are about amongst your members. The more the merrier…

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.